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Trapping Guidelines for Homeowner(s)/Businesses

Sonya’s Hope for Felines is happy to help community members who would like to participate in the important work of TNR (trap neuter return) on their property.  There are certain guidelines that must be followed and understood prior to beginning our partnership and are as follows:

  1.  Sonya’s Hope will provide all traps/equipment that must be returned upon completion of the project.

  2.  A camera may be placed on the property to monitor time schedules of cats and monitor traps during active trapping.  Homeowner must understand that active trapping may occur in the middle of the night.  

  3.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, all expenses will be paid for by the homeowner including spay/neuter, vaccines, flea treatment, deworming, combo testing, and any and all other medical costs associated.   This includes veterinary care for any and all cats trapped on the homeowner’s property as every cat trapped will be sterilized and treated for illnesses/injuries prior to being released.  Sonya’s Hope needs to reserve its funds for those cats who do not have a caretaker and are truly homeless.  Sonya’s Hope may assist with fundraising for extraordinary medical costs.   Sonya’s Hope partners with Animal Friends and Pittsburgh Premier Veterinary Care and Rehab for those services but if extenuating circumstances occur, a vet who specializes in areas of special need may be consulted and services paid for by the homeowner.  If the homeowner would like to utilize their own vet, it will be mutually agreed upon.  There is no cost for our labor.

  4.  Homeowner must be able to provide a safe, warm, and comfortable place for the cat to recover from surgery.  Sonya’s Hope can assist with recovery equipment which must be returned upon completion of the project.   Sonya’s Hope will provide the space if available and agreed upon.   

  5. Homeowner must understand that if the cat is feral, the cat will be returned and released on the homeowner’s property where the cat(s) was trapped and will provide food, fresh water, and shelter on a daily basis.  This is not up for negotiation; however, if it is known that there is a caretaker nearby, Sonya's Hope may take that into consideration and the cat will not be trapped/released until the caretaker can verify that they are providing care.  Sonya’s Hope will not relocate any cat as it is not legal to release a cat on private or publicly owned property without permission of the property owner. 

  6.  If the cat is deemed friendly and adoptable, providing that space is available within Sonya’s Hope foster program, the cat may be surrendered to Sonya’s Hope for Felines who will assist in the adoption of the cat into a suitable home.  If no space is available, Sonya’s Hope may assist in securing outside placement.  No friendly cat will be released back outside.

  7. There are times when the situation demands immediate attention; therefore, trapping will be organized at a time that is at the discretion of Sonya's Hope for Felines. The homeowner must cooperate fully as we work around the cat's schedule, not anyone else's schedule.  

  8. If none of the above is a viable option for the homeowner, the homeowner may contact a spay/neuter clinic, veterinarian, or another rescue organization for guidance regarding how they can participate in the sterilization of the cat(s) but it will be fully their responsibility for payment to that entity and no labor will be provided by Sonya's Hope for Felines.  

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